The "OLD-G FOR NEW-G" project was a 15-month initiative focusing on the preservation and promotion of traditional games and sports that are at risk of being forgotten or are not favored by the youth. The primary aim was to recognize these traditional activities and ensure their widespread adoption among younger generations. Participants aged 15-20 were engaged in researching the traditional games and sports of their respective cultures, collecting data from local sources, and utilizing this data during mobility activities. The project included collaboration with 25 participants across at least three schools, leading to the creation of e-books and game cards that encapsulated the researched information. These materials, including visual and video recordings, were prepared for easy distribution and transportation. The project was conducted face-to-face with 145 participants, involving 20 researchers at the local level, 8 participants in the mobilities, and 135 individuals involved in dissemination activities.

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