Games are activities that have rules, and played individually or as a team. Game is an activity that plays an important role in the development of children. The child finds a way to play and socialize in any area, on his own or with his friends. He takes responsibility with the games he plays and learns the social rules. It gains control through the game in terms of thoughts, emotions and relationships. The game is the most natural and healthiest method of communicating with children and sharing its world. Games and sports are all together with their similarities and differences, and they are an important tool in the reflection of culture.

Old Games For New Generations is a 15-month project on traditional games and sports. The aim is to recognize the traditional games and sports that are being forgotten or not preferred by the youth, and to ensure that these games and sports become widespread. In the project, e-books and game cards will be designed as a result of research. The visual and video recording links of the works carried out will also be included in the e-book, and the game cards will be prepared ready for distribution and transportation. 

Elderly individuals are living history and culture. In this context, working together with older individuals who have experience rather than written, visual and similar tools will bring an innovative perspective to the process in the context of knowing and popularizing traditional games and sports. With this project, it is thought that the gap between the older and younger individuals will be removed and this empathy and tolerance will be developed with this project that requires cooperation. 

The project aims to:

  • Organizing trips to collect data about traditional games and sports with a program in which young people will be actively involved, and enabling them to discover traditional games and sports through research activities.
  • To enable young people to share the knowledge they have acquired through activities with other children and young people..
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